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Abusheikha Company is considered as an example of a very unique success story throughout 23 years of determination and hard effort until it became one of the largest exchange companies in the Kingdom.
The company was established in 1994 with the financial management represented by Mr. Omar Abu Sheikha and the Operations management represented by Mr. Yasser Abu Sheikha. The company started in one small branch with a staff no more than three employees.

Abusheikha Exchange started to develop and flourish, gaining customers trust and satisfaction in the Jordanian market. The company reached a total of 17 branches in 23 years to become one of the most important exchange companies that compete with the oldest and largest companies in the market. 
Since its establishment; the company aimed at providing excellent services to its customers in the safest, most convenient, quickest and most economical approach.

To the company, satisfying customers has been always the most important goal; and this was done by continuously prioritizing customers’ needs and requirements and trying to achieve them in the most practical and convenient way.

The company now operates with a team of 200 employees, serving customers in 17 different locations (headquarters and 16 branches located in the most dynamic business areas in Jordan).

Company’s Quality Policy

We improved the way we do business during the past years by implementing development policies on three main pillars:

Operations, Human Resources, Infrastructure

Rapidly enough, Abu Sheikha has moved forward with successful steps during the past period and proved to be capable to widen its customer base by enhancing customer services’ facilities, automating all operations, monitoring them, building a strong team with a comprehensive organizational structure.


To be the leading exchange house in providing currency exchange and money transfer services 


To provide currency exchange and money transfer services in line with developments in the banking market through technological development, high quality customer service and wide spread network.

Company Objectives

1-    Seeking for the biggest market share.
2-    Improving and enhancing human resources.
3-    Adopting technology through e-services and automation of operations.
4-    Developing the local market through recruiting Jordanian employees which decreases the unemployment rate in Jordan.